Do You Use a Christmas Angel to Top Your Tree?

Once your tree is decorated, you’re faced with the task of crowning the tree. Some people top a Christmas tree with large bows and let the strands hang down the sides of the trees. Others place a glittery gold or silver top as the tree’s finishing touch, but one of the most selected choices to top off the Christmas tree is the Christmas angel.

The true meaning behind the use of Christmas angels as toppers vary, with some saying the topper has roots in ancient religious practices of placing a guardian angel on top of the tree to watch over the family. But regardless of the history behind the angel, using one as a tree topper can make your tree radiant.

Putting a topper on the tree is like adding punctuation at the end of a sentence. It means the job is done. Just like the variety of ornaments available to you, Christmas angels come in a huge selection. You can find tall, slim ones or short round ones. You can get angels with tinsel wings or ones with glass wings. Even the color of the angel’s robes are sport quite a selection.

The materials these angels come in cover a wide range. You can find fiber optic angels that will light up the tip of the tree in a rainbow of beautiful Christmas colors. If you prefer the kind of angels your parents probably picked, then you’re looking for the cone bottom angels that have a thin plastic piece wired into place and the light or lights go up inside the cone to light the angel.

Do be cautious with these if you don’t have cool touch lights. The regular lights can get too hot under the angel. You can find angels carefully crafted out of heavy glass for your tree and you can find antique ones too.

For the antique angel toppers, you can expect the cost to be fairly more expensive, but the price is justified. This is an ornament you’ll add to your keepsake collection and it’ll become part of a valued family heirloom. You can expect to pay anywhere from twenty-five dollars to almost three hundred depending on the angel.

You can find angels made from all sorts of materials-made from plastics, durable resin and for the eco minded individual, you can even find Christmas angels made from eco friendly materials that won’t have an impact on the world’s resources.

When you’re seeking the right angel for your tree, don’t forget to shop around. Many upscale department stores have a nice selection of figures for the treetop, but if you want a wider variety or a more unique angel, you’ll have to look at online shops.