Top Christmas Gifts for 2014

There aren’t many shopping days left to buy gifts for all of your loved ones and sometimes shopping can be quite a chore if you don’t have any ideas what to get. There are some top  for 2014 that are in demand, which can take the headache out of picking out just the right gift for any age group.

It’s amazing just how much technology grows and changes from one year to the next. Video games never go out of style. Kids – whether boys or girls (both young and young at heart) love video games.

The video games of old have morphed into games that allow the player to feel like they’re actually in the middle of the game. The good news is that many of the most popular brands of interactive video game have lowered their prices just in time for the holidays, so get yours before they run out.

Decide on which game system works best for your family – XBox 360 is a big hit right now, but close behind is the PS3 (Playstation 3), Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Playstation Portable (PSP).

Another top Christmas gift for 2014 are those soft, cuddly toy pets you can buy in a variety of sizes and animal shapes. What’s unique about these animals is that they actually have their own virtual world, so it’s not like you buy a stuffed animal and that’s it.

This furry pet known as a Zhu Zhu pet toy hamster, is a gift that’s ever-changing and kids never get bored of playing with it or developing the world these pets live in. You don’t want to wait – these are snatched off the shelves as soon as they arrive in stores. One of the reasons for its popularity is that in the virtual world, kids get to provide food, shelter and clothing for their pets. If their pets get sick, there’s even a virtual doctor!

For the older kids in your life, a hot cell phone on the market would be your best bet. It’s one of the hottest gifts of the year and teens everywhere are clamoring for those with special features such as cell phones that can play music, hook up to the Internet and play videos. You can never go wrong by buying teens the latest technology.

Women have always been the major picture takers in the family. They love to record life’s moments – both the scripted ones (holidays, birthdays, etc.) as well as the unscripted moments.

For those women, buying a digital camera is the way to go. The cameras our grandparents once used with film you had to buy and have processed are rarely seen anymore.

Today, digital cameras are a great gift for the picture taker in your family and it continues to be one of the best selling gifts of all time. You can pick a camera for the beginner or one with a ton of bells and whistles for the more advanced photographer.

Women have always said that men are harder to shop for. And it’s true. But you can make gift giving for the men you love by knowing what his hobbies or interests are. Is he a golf enthusiast? Is he fascinated by all things technological? For those men, pick up some of the hot selling gadgets such as virtual golf games, personal digital assistant, or GPS for his car or truck.

You want to pay attention to the top Christmas gifts for 2014 but you also want to take the individual into consideration. Just because digital cameras may be a trending topic this holiday for women’s gift purchases, if you know a woman in your life who just isn’t a picture taker, then find another suitable option that would make her happier instead.