Store Bought Christmas Cards Versus Personalized Picture Cards

There’s nothing wrong with going to the store this holiday season and buying a box of Christmas cards if that’s all that you have the time to do. It’s better to send out store bought cards than to not send out any greeting cards at all.

Why send out cards? Sending out a card can be a way of showing someone that you were thinking about them if they’re family or friends. Mailing out a Christmas card to a colleague or acquaintance makes good business sense. Store bought cards can easily be sent to either group.

But if you have the time, personalized picture cards do add a special something that shows you went the extra mile. Personalized picture cards are more welcoming, and not only are they a great idea for friends and family, they’re also a great idea for a business entrepreneur to send out to business contacts as well. People like seeing who they’re working with – it gives that personalized touch many businesses lack.

With store bought cards – although there are some lovely designs to pick from, you’re limited to what you find on the shelves. You can only buy what hundreds of other people are also buying.

Store bought cards, no matter how lovely, cannot take the place of that personal touch. They don’t allow the essence of what makes you who you are to shine through. By choosing personalized picture cards, you can pick out your own Christmas photo or a photo of a scene that has a special meaning for the front of your card.

You get to choose the color options, the fonts for outside and inside and you get to pick out just the right words to get across the message you want to say. Did you know that if you’re sending out personalized picture cards to business contacts, you could even use a picture featuring your business product?

Don’t aim for those same old, tired pictures – give your personalized Christmas card a twist. Breaking out from the ranks of being one in thousands will stand out and customers will remember you and your business.

Also don’t opt to choose the same bland “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” greeting. Having a personalized picture card is a great way to express yourself to say what you really feel in your heart.

You can include the words from a favorite passage from a book that’s in public domain (they’re free and legal to use) or you can search quote collection sites for just the right words for those special individuals in your life.

Again, there isn’t anything wrong with buying store bought cards or choosing to go with a personalized picture card. Just choose whichever option suits your timeframe and your personality.